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Traveling in Russia

Passport and Visas

1. Foreigners should be in possession of a valid national internal or foreign passport for entry and exit from Russia.
2. Foreigners can enter and leave Russia with visa.
Russian entry or exit visas are issued by Russian Consulates and Consular Departments of Russian Embassies abroad.
To obtain a visa, the following documents should be presented to the Consular Office:
-a valid passport;
duly completed visa application, recent passport photos;
- a letter from the travel agency with confirmed tourist services, dates and itinerary (tourist visa) or a written invitation from relatives (friends) located or residing in Russia (to get an ordinary (guest) visa);
-a voucher from the travel agency


There are 9 time zones in Russia. The difference between Greenwich Time and the time in some Russian cities is: Moscow and St. Petersburg +3,
Murmansk +3,
Khabarovsk and the Far East +10.
Air and railway tickets indicate the time of departure and arrival by local time. Summer daylight saving time is effective on most of the territory of Russia. 

National Holidays

New Year January 1-2
Russian Orthodox Christmas January 7
Day of Defender of Motherland February 23
Women’s day March 8
Spring and Labor Day May 1
Victory Day May 9
Independent Day June 12
National Accord Day November 7


Tipping is not required and no one should feel obliged to do so. However many visitors use tipping as a way to show appreciation for a job well done and this is certainly acceptable. Such gestures are voluntary and the sole discretion of the visitor. 

Currency Regulations

The Russian monetary unit is the rouble. There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency allowed to be brought into Russia. However all money brought into the country (including traveler’s checks) must be declared upon entering the country. In Russia tourists can exchange any amount of hard currency for roubles at any of the authorized Russian banks or foreign currency offices located in hotels and airports. Exchange rates between the rouble and hard currencies are set by authorized Russian banks within Russia. It is prohibited to take roubles out of Russia. All major credit cards are accepted in Russia. 


It is recommended to purchase travel insurance before departing for Russia.

Health and Medical Services

First aid is provided free of charge if the tourist does not require a doctor or hospitalization. In an emergency the tourist is responsible for the cost of the stay in hospital. 

Electric tension

The electric tension in Russia is 220V. European type plugs are required.


Tickets are required for bus and trolleybus. They can be purchased directly from the conductor once you are on board. If you need to get a taxi you can either order it at your hotel or flag it in the street.

Working hours:

Offices 9.00 a.m-6.00 p.m
Food stores 8-9 a.m-8-9 p.m
Department stores 10-11 a.m.-7-10 p.m.
Most department stores are open on Sundays.


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