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Places of interest in Murmansk

Murmansk Museum of Regional Studies

Founded in 1926, this Museum is the oldest one in the region. It tells the history of the Kola Peninsula since ancient times until nowadays. The displays introduce the visitors to the unigue Arctic nature: vegetation, animals, birds, sea inhabitants, natural resources. Of special interest is the department devoted to the history, culture and lifestyle of the Lappish ethnic group (Saami), indigenous population of the Kola Peninsula.

First Nuclear Icebreaker "Lenin"

"Lenin" was built in Leningrad in 1958. It operated for thirty years and now is retired and serves as a Museum in Murmansk. Seize the chance to visit the first nucear icebreaker in the world. Visitors have an opportunity to see the original interior and equipment, to discover some interesing facts about this unigue vessel, principles of its work, and about icebreakers in general.

Naval History Museum

Also referred to as Museum of the Northern Fleet reveals the history of the Northern Fleet since 1916 when the Arctic Ocean Flotilia was created. You will learn about foundation of the Russian Navy, exploration of the Northern Sea Route, expedition to the North Pole, Northern Fleet during the Second World War, Arctic Convoys.           


A floating complex supporting various species of the Arctic seal was created on lake Semenovskoje. A visit to the Oceanarium gives an opportunity to enjoy a show with Arctic seals, sea hares, fur seals. A demonstration of their skills during a performance will showcase their agility and intelligence. It is a spectacle which always arouses great interest among children and adults.

City Exhibition Hall

Located in the city centre. Modest, cosy hall. Trade exhibitions (variety of items, which reflect local and Russian art, culture and handicrafts; souvenirs, jewellery, various articles made of local stones).

Fine Arts Museum

The Fine Arts Museum has a rich collection of paintings, drawings and textiles, applied art and handicraft objects.


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